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Jason Campbell is good people

You know I'm a sucker for the charity bit.

I don't know how lame your middle school pep rallies were but mine were especially stupid. That is largely because Jason Campbell was never in attendence. Last Tuesday at Stuart-Hobson Middle School in D.C., Jason Campbell was in attendence. Whatever sport or team activity I was participating in, were Jason Campbell to have attendend my middle school's pep rally, I probably would've punched the opponent so hard that their head exploded. Feel the exciting.


Washington Redskins QB Jason Campbell will visit Stuart-Hobson Middle School to participate in a pep rally in advance of Wednesday’s International Walk to School day, as well as to “coach” a pedestrian safety clinic, to help keep students safe this year.  This event is part of the 5th annual FedEx Air & Ground Players of the Week program, which encourages NFL fans to vote for outstanding Air & Ground players throughout the season to benefit pedestrian safety programs nationwide. 

As part of the program, FedEx is teaming up with D.C.-based Safe Kids USA – a national non-profit organization that works to prevent accidental injury among children – to deliver safer kids by making weekly donations in the winning players’ names to local Safe Kids coalitions across the country. FedEx is donating funds to the Washington D.C. coalition to improve pedestrian safety in the local community, especially among the Capitol Hill Cluster Schools.

What'd he do?

Campbell “coaching” a safety clinic and participating in a pep rally to get students excited about Walk to School Day (on Wed)

Campbell acting as crossing guard for the students, to demonstrate safe pedestrian crossing

Campbell and students demonstrating bike helmet safety

FedEx and Campbell announcing donation to Safe Kids D.C.

Since I had these pictures emailed to me, I like to think they're exclusives, though really I haven't the foggiest idea. Anyways, pictures of the event available after the jump.

Kind of small but that's the best I can do:




Hey, nice helmet, nerd!!! But seriously bicycle safety is important. Especially for nerds (I'm a nerd).

But seriously, kids, wear a helmet.