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Open Thread, playoffs addition

Update [2008-1-5 14:43:40 by Skin Patrol]: Also, TexSkin's wild card weekend posts are must read. Thanks to him for both of them.
WHAT? First time in Hogs Haven history that the Redskins are playing in the 2nd season. I'm too excited to feign humor or info so just use this space to get crazy about the game. If we win, my pants might come off.

Hail To The Redskins.

If you want a real gameday blog, go check out The Curly R as Ben knows a thing or two about putting up a gameday thread and I don't. Field Gulls also puts me to shame as he knows how to center graphics, and I don't. Also, Shrug knows how to win my heart:

Commentary here and at our Redskins blog, Hogs Haven (who were one of Field Gulls' earliest supporters and enthusiasts in the SB Nation, so try not to get too personal with 'em).
He's good people.

Spork 'em good, Redskins!

Something witty!