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Clinton Portis wins a strangely named award

Yesterday, Clinton Portis was named the FedEx Ground NFL Player of the Week for helping the Redskins demolish the Dallas Cowboys on our way to clinching a playoff spot. I understand that FedEx is an NFL sponsor and appreciate many times over them recognizing the great work of Clinton Portis -- and thanks a mil(lions and millions) for purchasing the naming rights of the stadium, too, because it would totally suck if we named the stadium after some Redskin legend instead so that we could claim them with pride everytime someone announced our home games, whatever. But since FedEx is effectively a mailing service it seems strange to identify great play with mailing it in, a euphemism typically reserved for the way the Cowboys played last week, and not how Portis played last week. Anyways...

Portis was voted the award by fans on Along with the award, FedEx will donate $5,000 to a local Washington, D.C., children's hospital.

Portis rushed for 104 yards and two touchdowns on 25 carries and caught four passes for 27 yards as the Redskins clinched a Wild Card berth with the win over Dallas...

"I think it is the team that is fighting together, and guys are making it easy for you and guys are out there giving it everything they have," Portis said. "The offensive line is blocking great, the receivers are blocking downfield, the receivers are making plays downfield.["]

The entire team is playing very solid football, but CP deserves all the credit in the world for his 23 yard touchdown against Dallas, when he shrugged off contact by two defenders and managed to keep his balance for the touchdown.