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Saunders has a new job and so does Palmer

Update [2008-1-30 19:54:0 by TexSkins]: As always, Redskins Insider is all over it. Check out the bottom of "The HC Horserace" for his take on it. Maybe Lazor follows?

Al Saunders is now the offensive coordinator of the Rams, returning to the team he was with in 1999-2000, including helping the Rams win a Super Bowl.  Back then, he was "associate head coach and wide recievers coach" under then coach Vermeil so he's in a new capacity.

grumble grumble grumble (Image from here.)

The article ended with a weird line:

He was known for his high-energy style in practice, typically sprinting downfield to offer instant coaching tips to the wide receivers.

I never heard/read/saw anything like this about his time in Washington.  I'm not sure what to make of it... maybe he's getting old or maybe... nevermind.  No conspiracy theories.  Yet.

Also, last year's 6th round pick Jordan Palmer is joining his brother in Cincinnati.  

Can anyone say, "Comb over?" (Image from here.)

From the article:

Cincinnati already has a No. 2 quarterback: Ryan Fitzpatrick, obtained from St. Louis in a trade on Sept. 1. The third-string quarterback is Jeff Rowe, who was a fifth-round pick from Nevada last season.

Like other teams, the Bengals add a fourth quarterback for minicamps and training camp, giving them someone else to throw the ball during practice. If Jordan Palmer does well, he could win the No. 3 job or improve his chances of going to another NFL team instead of the Arena League.

The article mentions that Palmer was "packed for Phoenix" on his way to join the Arizona Rattlers of the AFL.  Interesting turn of events for him.  At least he was already packed.

Anyway, thoughts on Saunders or Palmer?