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Dr. Z says: I'm tired of being the asshole.

Per Art Monk for the Hall of Fame Campaign, the most comprehensive resource for all things Art Monk into the HoF, has all the history on Paul "Dr. Z" Zimmerman's campaign to keep Art Monk out of the Hall. As an example:

Joe of Bridgeport, W.Va., wants to know how I can accuse Art Monk of building a career out of eight-yard hooks when his lifetime average was 13.5 yards per reception. I used the expression figuratively, not literally. Monk was a valuable person in Joe Gibbs' bunch offense, the guy who sat down in the zone and got the Skins a first down. And he did it year after year. I just don't think that's enough of a skill for enshrinement.
Which drove many of us nuts for sometime. However, Dr. Z has since come around and pledged that he will vote for Art Monk. Bygones be bygones and all that, I'm willing to completely forgive Dr. Z so long as this wrong is righted and Art gets his way into the Hall. The most recent quote from Paul Zimmerman, per a very reporter-like Michael David Smith investigating, is worth repeating here:
Zimmerman is one of the selectors, and he recently changed his mind about former Redskins receiver Art Monk, saying that after years of being the most vocal opponent of Monk's enshrinement, he will now vote for Monk. So what changed his mind?

"I figured, just put him the f--- in already," Zimmerman told me. "I'm tired of being the a--hole."

You vote for Art, Paul, you're no longer an asshole.