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Terry Glenn accuses LaRon Landry of targeting him

Hat tip to Blogging the Boys where there is also a discussion of whether or not Landry intentionally tried to injure Glenn. We'll look at the play, but first Glenn from DMN, emphasis added:

Also on the play, rookie strong safety LeRon Landry slammed into Glenn's twice-surgically repaired right knee as the ball sailed out of bounds.

"It shocked me," said Glenn, who was also accidentally knocked down in warmups by cornerback Jacques Reeves. "I had no idea that was going to happen. Those guys were out there trying to really take it to my knee. They know if they see us again, they will have problems, especially in Dallas. I think they were trying to hurt me."

The play is below; see for yourself. I think Glenn is making a big mistake by not only a) accusing the Redskins of intentionally trying to injure him on a play that was pretty obviously unintentional contact and b) threatening the Redskins predicating the threat in no small part on this play.

No mention of a cheap shot, by Landry at least, on the play by the refs; the call was against Smoot. No mention of a cheap shot by Troy Aikman, who clearly hates the Cowboys, although they did talk about the knee. Landry's hands come within inches of touching the football. The contact he eventually has with Glenn is inertia; he's sliding. Terry Glenn did not find the time to confront Landry on the field, either, immediately after the play. I'd continue but none of this stuff, by itself, means it wasn't intentional. Go watch the video and judge for yourself. In my opinion there isn't even the slightest doubt that Landry was playing the ball, as he is allowed and expected to do. He felt the same way:

Landry was asked about the low hit after the game and didn't seem to think anything was wrong.

"Then stop playing football," he said. "I'm not getting a big head or anything, but if he thought the hits were a little low and this and that, it doesn't matter. It's all part of the game. It's going to be physical."

It would piss me off substantially if LaRon Landry was intentionally targeting opposing players' knees to injure them. It would piss me off even more if LaRon Landry jogged over to the sideline on the play for fear of injuring Terry Glenn. Just as Landry said, this is a physical game that cannot be played scared. It is LaRon Landry's job to use his body as a battering ram and to throw it around a field in order to get the ball back into the hands of the offense. One way of doing so is to intercept the football. Terry Glenn's knee should absolutely not be anywhere in Landry's mind when he is zeroing in on a pass that is in the air, and from what I see on the replay I think he didn't do anything wrong. The ball was just out of reach and he leapt for it, hands out. Afterwards he slips in to Glenn, oh well.

I don't fault Glenn for what he said. It is a physical game and angry words attend a physical game, especially for a guy who has spent the season on the sideline and is understandably sensitive about his knee. I thought it was a stupid, ill-advised thing to say but I get where he's coming from. All that said, the proof is in the youtube and I'll trust my own eyes over his mouth.

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