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Cowboys game highest attendend of the season, perhaps ever?

Attendence statistics are available on NFL games at and perusing our schedule I noticed that 90,910 fans allegedly squeezed themselves into FedEx Field on December 30th. That would be over 100 more individuals than showed up for the our Giants home game in week 3, which was the 2nd most attended game of the year per those stats.

Scrolling backwards, I have yet to find a season when the Redskins had a higher attended regular season game. The trend in that direction is for attendence to sag, ostensibly because seats have since been added and also due to monumental suckage by the team for year after depressing year.

This isn't very academic of me, but I'm willing to claim (there isn't any credibility being sacrificed here if I'm wrong, anyways) that the Cowboys @ Redskins game last week was the highest attended regular season in FedEx history. And, in virtue of that, probably the highest attended regular season game in Redskins history, period. The attendence figures run back to 1970 and, having randomly checked a few seasons as well as some of our most successful, it doesn't appear that any other game of yesteryear even comes close. I could check my trusty Redskins Encyclopedia. Speaking of that, I just received another copy of the book to send out to one lucky reader and will be making a final decision within the next week or so. Finally I will make good on my promise to award one of you with the book, which is outstanding. (The book, that is.)

In any event, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that an enormously consequential game, against a hated division rival, to close the season, would naturally be the kind of game that Redskins fans absotively posilutely must attend. Cheers to those of you that showed up for making history, even if you didn't. But you did; I said so.