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Wednesdays aren't for practicing

Per the Official Site:

The Redskins had just two days of practice to prepare for a game against the Chicago Bears at FedExField Gibbs decided both practices would be walk-through sessions, in which players mostly took mental reps instead of a full-scale practice...

"We had gone through a lot of emotional stuff [with Taylor's passing] the week before and it was hard to get going no matter what was said or done," Gibbs said. "But in that Chicago game, there was more chirping, more life and more excitement than I had seen in a long time."

So Gibbs decided to keep Wednesdays as a walk-through for the rest of the season.

From above he committed himself to that approach against the Giants, the Vikings, and the Cowboys. I would normally be apprehensive about practicing less as that would run contrary to traditional notions that the better prepared team is the one that wins, yet you can't much argue with results. Your Washington Redskins have played unbelievable football for the past four weeks in spite of walking it out during the week. I'd raise concerns that the strategy may prove ineffective in a shortened week given that we're playing the Seahawks on Saturday and not Sunday, but the week was even shorter against the Bears and we did just fine.

The players are singing the praises of this strategy -- they would. Here is a representative sampling:

"It has made a big difference for me," veteran left guard Pete Kendall said. "This is an experienced team--that's a euphemism for old--but it has really helped. We have some guys that have been around the block, but physically the rest is increasingly important."
If they like it and it results in victories I can't really fault the strategy.