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Charge to reader(s): Bring me the head (contents) of Josh McDaniels

Per the Washington Times:

Just spoke with David Elfin, who's at Media Day at the Super Bowl and had just finished the round-table with Josh McDaniels, the Patriots offensive coordinator who is assumed to be a candidate for the Washington Redskins coaching vacancy...
  • McDaniels, who will be just 32-years-old when next season starts, maintained that he aspires to one day be a head coach.
  • McDaniels said he's focusing on this weekend's big game, but he definitely did not rule out talking to the Redskins about the job next week.
I admittedly do not know much about McDaniels, did not know that he was 32 years old, for instance. In an attempt to remain optimistic in what has become a very disappointing process, am I alone in saying that perhaps youth might be the way to go? Most older coaches aren't going to enjoy being forced to lead staffs not of their choosing, so perhaps a younger guy would be willing to do so.

I'm headed to class. Reader(s) are strongly encouraged to track down all available research and print on McDaniels, who happens to be leading a pretty good team's offense. I might prefer him to The Mooch.

Update [2008-1-29 17:12:23 by Skin Patrol]: Ben starts the show here.