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Ron Meeks, the Legend Continues

After firing GW and Al, Dan Snyder decided to bring in Colts' defensive coordinator Ron Meeks for interview #2, at least according to this Yahoo! Sports article.  (Redskins Insider says so too.  The Post too too.)  From said Yahoo! article:

The owner is scheduled to have another interview with Indianapolis Colts defensive coordinator Ron Meeks this week, a person familiar with the selection process told The Associated Press on Sunday. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the Redskins have not publicly stated the names of any candidates.

The person said the interview was planned for Tuesday. Late Sunday, The Washington Post reported that the session had been rescheduled for Monday.

The article goes on to say that Dan has taken to the road, as this is the first time in the search Dan has left the friendly confines of Washington.  You heard it hear first: whoop.

I'm not sure what a second inerview means.  I mean, Gregg Williams got 4 interviews and look where that got him.  Usually, the more interviews the better.  Not with this organization.  Anyway, here's your man (maybe):

I'm going for five... five interviews. (Image from here.)

All (well, maybe just most) kidding aside, this is an interesting development in the head coaching search.  It seems that Meeks made an impression on Dan the firstgoround.  There was this debate over at Curly R about the Rooney Rule.  I will now take this moment to point out that Meeks was not the favorite going into this whole process and has, if nothing else, earned himself a free lunch from Dan, Dan the Magic Man on Tuesday, no wait we have things to do Monday.  I put it to you: is this revelation because of or inspite of the Rooney Rule?

- - -

In other news, some guy named Scott Campbell got promoted to "director of player personnel" and I'm not sure who he replaced.  Read another article saying practically the same thing more here.  Awww, Executive Vin Vin thinks he'll be a "tremendous asset" to the Skins.  Oh, why sure he will.  Now go brush your teeth and I'll be in to read you a bedtime story in a minute.

And all of you were worried about not having continuity.  Dan took his time, evaluated the situation, picked the best part of his organization (which is obviously the front office... so much so that us "uninformed fans" couldn't help but overlook it in favor of the defense) and decided to build around it.  That deserves another "whoop."  If nothing else, this is a bold statement on Dan's part... if he fails, he's running thin on excuses.

Oh happy day.