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Old news, Hubdub

The CBC introduced me to, which purports to:

Hubdub is all about letting you actively participate in the day's news, following today's events, predicting their outcomes and competing with other users to find out who the real news junkies are!
My idea of actively participating in the day's news involves going out and robbing people, not voting online for the likelihood that a story will come to fruition with fake e-dollars. For real dollars, though, I could actively participate in the day's news. In any event, the CBC pointed out that among relevant questions for prognostication was this:
You can look at stories about, say, whether Gregg Williams will be named the next head coach of the Washington Redskins
They say 75% no, 25% yes ([editor's note, by Skin Patrol] falling rapidly!). The correct answer is %100 no. I am not especially happy with the way the team treated Gregg Williams, but that's really because I'm just not thinking about it in the right kind of way. Casey Husband at reminds why this was really a swell deal:
At the very least, the announcement by the team affords closure for them and lets them plan accordingly.

That's the easy part for anyone following the Redskins and their coaching search.

This is said less than an inch below where the team's official site alleges "that neither [Williams nor Saunders] reached the level of success they had hoped for in Washington." However, that's true of virtually any coach, ever, in the history of the game. Including Hall of Fame Coach Joe Gibbs who, despite enjoying unprecedented success as the Head Coach of Your Washington Redskins, nevertheless "hoped for" more in Washington when he returned.

With each passing day I'm less convinced that there actually exists any coach out there who is both willing and capable of coming to Washington and coaching up this team, with its peculiar ownership, to levels concomitant to their hopes and aspirations. It occurs to me that since Dan Snyder purchased the team in 1999, we've gone to three postseasons. Two of them were with Gregg Williams, one of them was with Al Saunders. If the strategy for dealing with persons who aid this franchise in achieving widely recognized (by fans, at least) minimum milestones for "success"ful seasons is to fire them, then it is difficult for me to imagine how this team can possibly achieve and maintain "success" regardless of the then, now, or future staff of our beloved Redskins. Bewares are in order for both Jim Zorn and Greg Blache, who would do well not to find themselves in any postseason contests lest they likewise get "afford[ed] closure" that is apparently so benevolent. Call me crazy, but if I were a coach I'd trade in that closure for being treated like a fucking adult any day. More precisely, I'd recommend ownership shove that closure somewhere uncomfortable.