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Gregg Williams will allegedly withdraw his name from consideration

Another hat tip to ThePosse for catching this fairly depressing Redskins Insider post:

When asked if he would withdraw from consideration given the drawn out process and recent developments, [Coach] Williams said: "I really haven't even had time to think about it, but it's something I will consider. I want to discuss it with my players and coaching staff, and at this point I haven't had a chance to contact anyone yet." Sources close to Williams said late last night that they expected Williams to formally pull out after speaking to Joe Gibbs, players and his coaches in the morning.
Not everyone wanted Gregg Williams, but I did, and I have very little respect for the manner in which this team has burned bridges. The professional and moral thing to do is to keep in touch with one of the candidates, a guy who has coached your defense for years by the way, more than once every 10 days. Whether or not Dan Snyder had already decided that Gregg Williams wasn't the future, he's earned the right to know that sooner rather than later so he can play accordingly. Pick up the fucking phone and communicate.

This entire process has flustered many of us.

At the end of the day we're now without even a smudge of continuity. Presuming that Gregg has had enough, Al Saunders is out because Jim Zorn is in, we're in the dreaded rebuilding mode that comes with an entirely new staff and, oh by the way, a lot of needed cap relief. Sometimes these shakeups are precisely what teams need, though in my opinion, more often than not, they precede losing seasons. Did we really need to shake things up, anyways? We won nine games last year in spite of tragedy and one of the most difficult schedules in the NFL. If we really wanted to mix up the staff absolutely, we should not be surprised when the results are likewise altered.

And we don't have a Head Coach yet.