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Your Maryland Redskins

Back in May, the word was that it would take global warming to get us a Super Bowl bid in our current stadium. Murmur murmur will Dan Snyder get jealous of Jerry Jones stadium? Could Dan Snyder stand being one upped by Skeletor?

The incomparable Chimpanzee Rage suggests that this might once more become your Washington Redskins with a move back into the city:

Washington DC mayor Adrian Fenty wants the Washington Redskins to return to the nation's capital...

Adrian Fenty said on Wednesday that he is going to present a proposal to Redskins owner Dan Snyder for a possible a 100,000-seat domed stadium that also could be used for Super Bowls and other major events. DC's Chief Financial Officer Natwar Gandhi has gotten involved and will do a financial analysis of the impact that building this stadium and the return of the Redskins to town will have on the city.

One problem is and remains a pesky legal obligation the team has with FedEx Field through 2027. I cannot find the original article, but I quoted the Times back in January as saying:
Team general counsel Dave Donovan said the Redskins are legally bound to FedEx Field until 2027 because of agreement between the team, the state of Maryland and Prince George's County, and said the team has expressed no interest in leaving the Landover facility at least until then...

"We don't want to leave," Donovan said. "We're really happy and don't have any other options because we're bound to the lease. It was written in a way to make sure that we play football there for 30 years."

As I pointed out then, Donovan is essentially saying "We're really happy with this heavy ball and chain attached to our leg, and we have no options since we left our hacksaw at home."

I say this gets done and encourage Mayor Adrian Fenty to pursue the same strategy that got him elected in the first; door to door to door to door to door to door. And he should do so, quickly, as the way our coaching search is panning out there isn't much reason to think this coming season will result in 9 wins and a postseason berth.