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LaRon Landry is the Joe Gibbs of NHRA POWERade Series

I don't know what that means. Try deciphering this:

The New York Giants and Washington Redskins may be fierce rivals in the National Football League's NFC East Division, but it won't prevent Redell Harris from proudly displaying the numbers of a prominent player from each team on his new S&S Buell Pro Stock Motorcycle during the 2008 NHRA POWERade Series.

Harris, a veteran two-wheel competitor, proudly announced the formation of his new team, one that features his cousin, Corey Webster, who plays cornerback for the Giants, and good friend LaRon Landry, the Redskins' free safety sensation and first-team NFL All-Rookie Defensemen...

Befitting their playoff status and family ties, Harris says Webster's CWeb 30 in Giants colors will be on the front of the motorcycle while the Redskins' colors are on the back with LaRon Landry Motorsports Dirty 30.

So Joe Gibbs is a Nascar guru, and now LaRon Landry is breaking out in NHRA which apparently relates to drag racing. A buell is probably a motorcycle produced by Buell Motorcycle Company. I'm practically Sherlock fucking Holmes!

For my enormous contingent of reader(s) that also happen to be huge fans of NHRA POWERade Series Motorcycle drag racing, I've now resolved any conflicts you had about which driver/racer/whatever you should support. LaRon Landry's Motorsports Dirty 30 is worthy of your cheers.