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ESPN News says Jim Fassel was not offered the Washington job

Update [2008-1-23 21:52:14 by Skin Patrol]: Our own SinceTheBeginning says:
Ok so now im sitting here watching the lakers game an ESPN breaks in and says the REDSKINS are denying that Fassell will be named HC. Also they took down the posting at the bottom of the screen. WTF is going on. Dan is really running a circus here isnt he. Cue carnival music.
Good enough for me! Count it!
I have no link for this story. I have no evidence that this is actually the case. All I have is an Extreme Skins thread where seemingly countless Redskins fans are going bezerk assuring me that Jim Fassel was not offered the head coaching job per a scrolling ticker at ESPN News. And then someone ESer neilclarke provided this:

It's beautiful!

Does this mean anything? I don't know. But God bless tickers.

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