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Al Saunders in "hot water"

The real story is here, where, as SinceTheBeginning pointed out, Jason La Canfora is effectively calling the game: Head Coach Fassel, Offensive Coordinator Jim Zorn, Defensive Coordinator Rex Ryan. Since Rex Ryan is already a defensive coordinator, that would mean a lateral hire for him thus forcing us to dish out some form of payment for his services. Draft picks? Our future as a franchise? Whatever the going rate is for a Rex Ryan. Suffice to say, Al Saunders and Gregg Williams will not approve of this decision. Nor will I.

The news of the day, as that thankfully hasn't happened, is that Jim Zorn did interview with the team, emphasis mine:

Redskins are interviewing Seattle Qb coach Jim Zorn for an offensive coordinator position, according to league sources. The Redskins asked premission to talk to him this week - again not the head coaching job - and flew him from the Senior Bowl in Mobile to town today, where was expected to interview at owner Daniel Snyder's house...

This continues to jibe with what I have heard through this process about Al Saunders possibly being in hot water.

Alright then. This is kind of like when a movie comes out and the sequel is direct-to-dvd and they've replaced all the actors and actresses. Am I supposed to forget that Gregg Williams and Al Saunders were both part of a good season? That they know the defense and offense and personnel and, uhm, Fassel, Zorn, and Rex Ryan don't? Perhaps I'm guilty of praying too zealously at the alter of continuity, but is it so much to ask that we retain at least one coach on the staff? But I'm sure Jason Campbell will have no trouble learning a new offense, London Fletcher and company will experience zero growing pains in our newly installed defense, and the players -- despite professing their hope that Gregg Williams get the job -- will seamlessly proceed under absolute regime change. To which I say,

Shit the first time, second time, ok third time, doesn't mean it won't work the fourth time!