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Introducing: Global fast food franchise, Hip Hop Grub Spot

Catchy name, no? And it's real, way realer than McDonald's or Burger King:

After seven weeks of business, Pre -IPO global fast food franchise Hip Hop Grub Spot<sup>TM</sup>, Rick Ross Charities, Inc and San Francisco 49er Frank Gore will host its star-studded, red carpet, Grand Opening event Saturday January 26, 2008 from 1 to 10 p.m. at Hip Hop Grub Spot<sup>TM</sup> located at 20356 NW 2ND Avenue in Miami Gardens. Red Carpet arrivals will take place from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m.
That would be a grueling 9 hour long event held where, for what, exactly?
This is a first for Miami on many levels; Hip Hop Grub Spot<sup>TM</sup> in Miami Gardens is the first of numerous Hip Hop Grub Spot<sup>TM</sup> global fast food franchises to open throughout the world. Through partnerships with Florida A&M NAA Investment Committee, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Johnson and Wales University, PepsiCo and Rainforest Films, Hip Hop Grub Spot's mission is to stop the violence in surrounding communities, educate and improve the quality of life of today's youth by: Providing a safe and entertaining environment with an emphasis on quality and service while educating students in the community about global business leadership, youth entrepreneurship, investment opportunities and venture philanthropy.
I support charity and so do the Redskins, who are about as well represented in this venture as any NFL team. Maybe besides the Ravens. Guests include:
NFL Super agent, Drew Rosenhaus; San Francisco 49er and Pro Bowl Running Back, Frank Gore and all of his NFL friends including, Chad Johnson (Cincinnati Bengals); Clinton Portis (Washington Redskins); Santanna Moss (Washington Redskins); Rosco Parrish (Buffalo Bills); Andre Johnson, (Houston Texans); Samari Rolle (Baltimore Ravens); Sinorice Moss (New York Giants); Antwan Barnes (Baltimore Ravens); Willis Mcgahee (Baltimore Ravens); Dwayne Bowe (Kansas City Chiefs) along with many other celebrities, entertainment industry professionals and professional athletes whom will be available for interviews and photo opportunities.
I guess you could reasonably claim Drew Rosenhaus as well, since he "super agents" (<--new verb) so many Redskins.

The event is hosted by Rick Ross Ro$$ who, I'm told, "borrowed" his alias from infamous drug trafficker Ricky Ross. Presumably Rick Ross will return the borrowed moniker once the real Ricky Ross gets out of Federal Prison. If ever.

Don't say I never educated reader(s) on pop culture minutiae. If you happen to reside in the Miami area, I'd love to hear more about this Hip Hop Grub Spot via email. Kudos to Santana Moss and Clinton Portis for participating in another charitable endeavor. If you want more details, follow the links above.