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New Poll is long overdue: Coach?

Convention demands I address the prior poll's results, ignoring that the damn thing went up on the 31st of last month. Here are your cribnotes: Todd Collins won as the people's choice for starter against Seattle, and then promptly lost us the game. That last bit isn't entirely fair to the Todd, but two picks is two picks.

The obvious question to ask is who you'd prefer as the next head coach of Your Washington Redskins. New names are dropped daily, so it should not take much time for the question to become stale -- for instance, Rex Ryan might be our defensive coordinator? -- but we'll try anyways. I assure you that the order I've placed the coaching candidates is completely randon and not at all an attempt by yours truly to influence you whatsoever. That Gregg Williams is first is merely coincedental. I'm way above that kind of thing, as I'm sure you all know. Also, Ben has really been all over every candidate that gets mentioned, so get wise by heading to his space (he endorses Russ Grimm, which I think is an unlikely pick but one I could certainly get behind) (Mr. Irrelevant wants more Russ Grimm). Here comes the poll:

Who do you want as the next Head Coach of the Redskins?

Consider the thing below, no longer a cookie monster, but still very credible in my opinion: