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"Mystery Candidate" is Jim Fassel, whatever that means

Redskins Insider says a WaPo story is pending naming Jim Fassel as the mystery candidate that received interviews on January 11th and yesterday. So far as hidden prizes go, I would've just kept this one in the box and taken the coach in hand.

Waiting for the word from the Post, here's the story from Fox Sports:

Sources say former Giants head coach Jim Fassel on Monday conducted his second interview for the Redskins head coaching job.

Fassel originally interviewed a couple weeks ago when team brass flew to Arizona. At the time, it was incorrectly reported the Redskins contingent flew there to interview Cardinals assistant Russ Grimm, when in fact Fassel was their target.

He's a fine coach, I guess, though not my first pick for the job. But what job is it, exactly, asks Fanhouse:
Fassel, as you may remember, took the Giants to Super Bowl XXXV (the lost to Baltimore). This is quite interesting on many levels. Mainly, that Fassel isn't interviewing for the head coaching job. Fassel could become the offensive coordinator and Al Saunders could be on his way out. It is quite obvious that Gibbs didn't fully trust him ... and this could be a sign that Gregg Williams may get the job and Fassel will be the new offensive mind.
Sportz Assassin is drawing from this ESPN article. I'll take Chris Mortensen and SA's word that this could potentially be an offensive coordinator hire, but would disagree about the degree to which Coach Gibbs did or did not obviously lack trust in Al Saunders. Even were that the case, Joe Gibbs is now gone from the team and his alleged distrust of a Saunders offense is irrelevant at this point. I view forcing Jason Campbell into learning a new scheme as a catastrophic error on the part of this coaching staff, even if I've yet to become enamored of Al Saunders as our coordinator.

But, to SA's credit, I think we do need to start concerning ourselves with coordinators as much as who will be the Head Coach. Depending on what contingency works out, it isn't clear that we'll have a defensive coordinator. Should the team go to Fassel or a Jim Schwartz as Head Coach, will Gregg Williams reallyw ant to sit in as coordinator under the newcomer or even his old apprentice? If he walks, we'd turn our attention immediately to finding a new defensive coordinator. Even if Williams gets the job the question would be who gets the job he vacates, and perhaps that is where a newcomer comes in. I'd vote for promoting Jerry Gray from within, personally.

Mark Maske, in a WaPo Q&A this morning discussed the coordinators issue:

Ashburn, Va.: Joe Gibbs said he came back to the Redskins because we were consistently losing and in bad shape. He wanted to come back and return the franchise to glory or at least leave it better than he found it. If Snyder hires Williams then mission accomplished. If he wants to be stupid and hire an outsider, the team will be blown up and we'll start from scratch. Mission failed. The past four years will have been a complete waste of time.

Is he maybe just interviewing Fassell to be the next offensive coordinator and maybe Schwartz to be the defensive coordinator?

Mark Maske: It's certainly possible that those were really coordinator interviews (provided that Fassel really has been interviewed) under the cover of being called head coaching interviews. On the bigger issues, I don't consider hiring from the outside a step backward if the Redskins get a head coaching candidate who's clearly better than Gregg Williams. Yes, he's done a good job as a defensive coordinator with this team but he's not a sure thing as a head coaching candidate. His tenure in Buffalo as a head coach demonstrates that.

This bit is quoted for alterior motives; though I promise I am not "Ashburn, Va." I applaud his hyperbole in so much as it agrees with me in substance, if not thrust. I would add that if Gregg Williams isn't promoted, than the sun will burn out next year, and also beer will cause herpes.

Mostly quoted because Maske is a wise man who lends credibility to the theory that Schwartz and Fassel were merely offensive coordinator hires merely by stating that as a possibility. It is worth not taking for granted that when a coach is interviewed at Redskins park it is for Head Coach, necessarily. For all we know, Gregg Williams was interviewed for Food and Beverage Commissioner.

Riggo's Rag, Jim Fassel or Gregg Williams