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Todd Collins will start this Saturday

If there were any remaining doubt about who would start this Saturday, Jason Campbell appears to remain injured and thus Todd is green means go. Per Redskins Insider Jason La Canfora:

Obviously, Jason Campbell remains out. He did throw a little bit on the side today, I am told, for the second time. But the last time his knee swelled up some, so they will have to guage how he progresses this week.

Campbell was the only player not on the field for the walk through.

Also from that article, Stephon Heyer and Randall Godfrey both appear ready to play on Saturday.

The coaching staff dived in yesterday on the issue of who would start, per the Post:

At this point, according to Washington Redskins Coach Joe Gibbs, there's no question. Gibbs said yesterday that veteran backup Collins will remain the starting quarterback for Saturday's first-round playoff game at Seattle, with Campbell "a long ways away" from recovering from a knee injury. Collins has been outstanding in an improbable four-game winning streak that has taken the team to the playoffs, with accolades pouring in after every performance.
While there is no way to tell, I expect the Redskins to play it extremely safe with Jason Campbell. With Collins playing so well, and we'll quantify that in a moment, there is simply no reason whatsoever to rush Campbell onto the field. If his injury lingers then you risk aggravation every time he steps in. I'm not even positive that, at this particular moment, I'd take Campbell over Collins even were the former unquestionably at 100%. I might be inclined to leave Collins in throughout the postseason even if Campbell's injury subsides dramatically over the next week. We should at least wait until he's ready enough to play backup:
"I doubt right now that Jason will be back to that point yet [to serve as a backup]," Gibbs said. "We've still got quite a ways to go. I talked to [director of sports medicine] Bubba [Tyer] this morning and I think there's a long ways to go there still. . . . We're going to take it day by day and you never know with our players, but we think right now it's still a little into the future before we can get him ready."
Make no mistake, I think JC is still (obviously) the future of this franchise as Todd Collins was born into the Vietnam war, if that puts his age in perspective. Atari didn't exist.

But that isn't meant to take anything away from the Best NFC Player in the Entire World Ever (in this month of December):

The Redskins' quarterback has been named NFC Offensive Player of the Month in December for his performance over the past four games...

In four games, Collins has completed 67-of-105 pass attempts (a 63.8 completion percentage) with five touchdowns and no interceptions for a QB rating of 106.4.

All the more reason to keep him at the helm. I've been most impressed with him on 3rd down; a brief comparison:

Jason Campbell - 3rd down 70 completions on 124 attempts (56.5%) with 53 1st downs.
Todd Collins - 3rd down 23 completions on 35 attempts (65.7%) for 17 1st downs.

None of which is said to dog Jason or to cast doubt on his incredibly bright future. When the season starts in '08 it does so with Jason at the helm, regardless of what happens this postseason. He is the future. But what Todd Collins has been able to do thus far is breath new life into a team that so desparately needed it and for that he's earned the right to start throughout the rest of the year, in my opinion. When you've won 4 straight against quality opponents there is no reason to mess with a good thing. Todd Collins to the Super Bowl.

Disagree with me here.

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