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If they're good enough for Richard Nixon they're good enough for me!

Did you know that one of the most beloved well-liked merely misunderstood pardoned Presidents in our nation's great history was a fan of Your Washington Redskins? (Sporting) News to me:

"The President is calling . . ." announced the voice on the other end of the line, bringing [Don] Shula to quick attention.

Relating the conversation later, Shula noted, "The President wanted to talk about our Super Bowl game with Dallas. He said that he's a Washington Redskins fan, but that he also has an interest in the Dolphins as a part-time resident of Florida (Key Biscayne).

"Mr. Nixon alerted me that the Cowboys are a real strong team, but he told me, 'I still think you can hit (Paul) Warfield on that down-and-in pattern.'"

More explicitly:
President Richard M. Nixon's affection for football was well known and deep-rooted, stemming from his days as an enthusiastic bench-warmer at Whittier College. As a Redskins fan, he had appeared at a practice session before a playoff game to deliver a pep talk. He also recommended to Coach George Allen a flanker reverse play that produced a 13-yard loss.
Note: When I become President of the United States, will spend most of my time suggesting absurd plays to NFL coaches who will have no choice but to call them because they're just so impressed by the President calling. If that fails, consider phone taps and blackmail.

President Nixon had much to celebrate that year as his beloved Redskins actually made it to the Super Bowl to play his beliked Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VII. From above, we know that this meant Nixon's two favorite teams were actually going to battle it out for hegemony over the league. I'm sure he were morally conflicted over the outcome of that game -- if little else -- though in the end he probably rooted for the good guys.

Which wasn't enough, anyways. The Redskins lost the game 14-7. Billy Kilmer, that season's highest rated passer, didn't have the best game, throwing three picks, two of them to Super Bowl MVP Jake Scott. Read more about that here.