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Random Skins News and Notes...

Update [2008-1-14 13:38:48 by TexSkins]: I can't help myself...

This video is brought to you by the letter T. Terry? Terry?

Anyone seen Terry?

I'm not sure if it was discussed anywhere, but Todd Collins was named NFC Player of the December.  From the official site:
In three-and-a-half games, Collins has completed a total of 67 of 105 pass attempts (63.8 percent) with five touchdowns and no interceptions for a quarterback rating of 106.4.

Congrats to him.  I hope he stays, but the whole month that he played was basically a tryout for one last contract.  I'm not sure how he'll do in a different system than the one Al Saunders runs, but he did his thing.

The Redskins draft #21 in the first round and have all of their draft picks except a 4th rounder... well, I'll explain that in asecond.  Again, per the official site:

The team does not have a fourth-round pick as a result of the trade for T.J. Duckett in 2006.

The exact draft order for later rounds cannot be determined yet because the NFL gives compensation picks for teams that lose players in free agency the previous year.

They also lose a draft pick for Pete Kendall.  From the story:

The New York Jets ended months of acrimony and bickering with starting left guard Pete Kendall on Thursday, trading the disgruntled 11-year veteran to the Washington Redskins for a future draft choice.

The Jets will receive a fifth-round pick in 2008 if Kendall plays 80 percent of the snaps this year for Washington; if he plays more than that, the pick would be upgraded to a fourth-rounder in 2009.

I think he played all season.  I'm not totally sure, but I'm pretty sure.  So that would be a 4th rounder in the 2009 Draft.  If anyone can confirm this, let me know.

The official site also has a rundown on the potential coaches to replace Gibbs.  I'm not going to put all their content on here, but sufice it to say that the usual suspects are there.  They list Cowher and Carroll, but I think those are long shots at best.  If I had to put money down, I'd say that Cowher doesn't coach until 2009.  

Carroll is an interesting name because I don't know what he's thinking.  He's done an absolutely amazing job at USC.  He gets top 5 recruiting classes without breaking a sweat.  He always looks like he's having a great time.  He can do no wrong.

BUT.  The potential recruiting infractions hang over his program.  What more can he do at USC?  And, the biggest thing of all, he might feel like he wants another shot at the show.  Every coach wants to prove they've got what it takes on the biggest of stages... and for football coaches, that means the NFL.  Who knows...

I think that the Skins job is the best one on the market right now.  I'm not saying that because I'm a fan, but because they have the ability to win now.  They have all the pieces and they are, for the most part at least, young.  Miami is a mess that will take years to fix, plus now that the Cowboys are done, I expect Tony Sparano to be hired there soon.  Atlanta's worse.  Baltimore is an interesting scenario, but I don't like their current QB situation.  That leaves Washington.

So far, the Front Office All-Stars have met with three candidates, at least according to Fox Sports:

The Washington Redskins interviewed assistant coach Gregg Williams for their head coaching vacancy Saturday, granting an audience to the leading in-house candidate for the job.

A person familiar with the selection process said Williams became the third person to formally interview with owner Dan Snyder, who is seeking a replacement for Joe Gibbs. However, the person said Williams also had a preliminary interview Wednesday.

- - -

Tennessee Titans defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz interviewed on Thursday, and Snyder on Friday met with a second candidate whose name hasn't been made public.

That's all I got for now...

Questions for the readers of this fine site (read as: SP's three friends and family):  Who do you like for the head coaching position?  Should the coaching staff remain intact or would you prefer a whole new regime?

What about the draft: who/what position do you target in the 1st round?  What other needs do you think the team should draft for in the later rounds?

And as always, feel free to let me know why I'm an idiot.