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Divisional Weekend

I have to go to work soon, so we'll make this short and sweet.  Also, consider this you Divisional Weekend Open Thread unless SP decides to make another one.  A better one.

The games begin later today, around 4:30 pm EST in Green Bay.  The games (and lines) are as follows, according to the lines over at Yahoo! Sports:


SEA @ GB (+7.5) - 4:30 EST on Fox
JAX @ NE (+13.5) - 8:00 EST on CBS


SD @ IND (+9) - 1:00 EST on CBS
NYG @ DAL (+7.5) - 4:30 EST on Fox


I'll take all the home teams to win and cover, save for the Cowboys.  I think they win, but the Giants cover.  It will be the only close game this weekend, unless Farve has one of those games.  I don't expect him to but you never can know.

All this talk about how JAX can beat Brady is poppycock and they'll be down 21 early and won't be able to run the ball.

SD is without Gates.  Manning will NOT throw 6 INTs to keep SD in the game.  Oh, and Harrison is back.  SD doesn't stand a chance.

The final game is the most interesting.  Some people in the media are calling for a Giants straight up win.  Not so fast my friend.  TO was in practice.  He felt so good, he had the trainer cut off the extra tape on the ankle.  Terry Glenn is back, and healthy enough to do some damage.  Romo is rested and relaxed.

Don't believe me, check it out:

He's looking at her, she's looking like she just got her cookie. (Picture from here.)

Rested and relaxed.

As always, your thoughts and comments are welcome below.