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Over at the Official Site are the 16 Redskins free agents this year that will somehow have to be re-signed despite our cap woes. Here's the list of Unrestricted Free Agents who can be snatched from us by anyone else for the proper price:

Ethan Albright - If someone wanted to steal him away from us, they would have done so by now. I like the guy, he's a reliable veteran, and I anticipate us signing him no trouble to a one year league minimum veteran deal that allows him to actually cost us less against the cap than the amount we pay him. That exception is going to be used by us a lot this year, I'd imagine.

Ryan Boschetti - Reliable backup who can be paid little without being taken away. Did not get enough snaps this season to draw the eyes of other teams, except those in desparate need of a backup defensive linemen.

Reche Caldwell - Played very well and we probably won't be able to afford him. He will earn a multi-year contract elsewhere, but if we can keep him in Washington, that'd be fine by me.

Rock Cartwright - One of the best kick returners in the NFC, perhaps the league. Was 2nd in 20+ yard returns with 42, which means he was returning kicks for over 20 yards 80% of the time, which is near tops in the league. No fumbling problem, either. Rock is going to find himself a bigger contract elsewhere and some other team will get a fantastic player out of it.

Mark Brunell - Discussed his future with the team yesterday. I had no idea he was an UFA since he is still listed as having contract moneys by PC and Warpath. In any event, he has to take a huge paycut to remain with the team, which he might if he chooses not to retire.

Todd Collins - A great backup and someone I'd love to see return. The problem is, he showed enough during this regular season that it would not surpirse me if another team pursued him in that role. I think he's more valuable in Washington than elsewhere due to his familiarity with this particular offense, so I'd support the team throwing a little change his way. It's largely a question of how desparate others will get.

Rick DeMulling - With a healing offensive line, it is not certain that DeMulling would even remain on the regular roster. I don't see anyone else pursuing him heavily either.

Jason Fabini - Meh. I saw him play pretty ok football sometimes and awful football at others. 2007 proved how fragile our line can be and thus how necessary it is to stock up on reliable backups, I just don't know if Fabini is worth much more than a league minimum contract. If an undrafted free agent (Heyer) can join the team and outplay Fabini, why aren't we just letting Buges do his job with similarly priced players? I'd take Fabini on the cheap only.

Derrick Frost - Played fine but not good enough to scare up an unmatchable contract from elsewhere. I'd keep Derrick Frost... or not. If we can retain him for the right price I'm all for it. At various times this coaching staff thought he was valuable enough to challenge by bringing in additional punters to steal his spot. They know more about him than I do.

Randall Godfrey - With Rocky McIntosh injured, perhaps for large portions of next season linebacking depth is a must. Randall has a year in this defense and would work well as a replacement until we can get Rocky back in. I can't measure how high other teams are on him so I'm not sure what the price is to keep him around, but we have The Hamburglar if we can't afford Randall.

Brian Kozlowski - Signed midseason, probably won't earn a look from other teams. He had one pass last year. With Tyler Ecker returning from IR to play some tight end, and with the emergence of Todd Yoder as a reliable backup TE, I don't even know if Brian remains on the roster. There's only so much room for tight ends, and we've been known to throw in Mike Pucillo or Lorenzo Alexander in goal line situations. Where and when would Brian play besides special teams?

David Macklin - Per the official site:

Macklin was signed as a nickel cornerback last offseason, but it appeared he was passed on the depth chart by Leigh Torrence. Macklin, an 8-year veteran, was inactive most of the season, seeing action in two games and recording five tackles.
I suspect his ship has sailed here in town. Carlos Rogers was out for most of the season and the other cornerbacks were injured at various times. If he couldn't have seen more field under those circumstances, it's hard to imagine us retaining him for anything but peanuts.

Keenan McCardell - If he doesn't retire I'd like to keep him around. That said, we barely got him last season since Houston was also allegedly interested in signing him. He had a decent enough season with over 20 catches and could be scooped to shore up someone else's receiving unit. This is a money issue, but I vote yes.

Pierson Prioleau - He's a team leader and has been with the Redskins for a while. He gets a lot of special teams action and is a utility player in the secondary. I believe the coaching staff really likes Pierson and will keep him around. Recall that he is just two years removed from earning the starting safety spot on the team in '06, although he was injured in the first game.

Mike Pucillo - Versatile offensive linemen who can play at center or guard or even goal line tight end. He's effectively the only backup to Casey Rabach so, unless we want to pursue someone else, we need to re-sign Mike. He was unable to earn a starting spot on the roster in a year when the line was wide open, which tells me he's not a first stringer, but I'll take him as a backup.

Omar Stoutmire - Barely played. Recorded one tackle in three games of time, though I don't recall seeing him on the field once. He stays for a league minimum contract I'd imagine.

Have at it, reader(s).