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Per Redskins Insider:

Jim Schwartz, who replaced Gregg Williams as the leader of the Tennessee Titans defense, has been identified as a candidate for the Redskins coaching vacancy, league sources said, and is expected to interview for the position this week, possibly as soon as today.

Schwartz is a Baltimore native who recently interviewed for the Ravens job as well. Several NFL sources said that they took the identification of Schwartz as a candidate as another sign that Williams, who the players strongly support, does not appear to be the front runner. Williams actually helped break in Schwartz as a young coach on Jeff Fisher's staff.

Mind the sources, which aren't from the team but rather from "league" or the NFL. That isn't to say that they're wrong, but just that this isn't anything officially stated by the team just yet. Still, I find it a troubling development.

I don't mind Jim Schwartz. His Wikipedia entry says -- and I'm not claiming this as fact, merely as what his wikipedia entry says:

Schwartz is well-known among the NFL's statistical analysis fanbase for his work with Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders on a number of research studies. He has served as the Titans DC for the past six seasons, and was runner-up to Mike Nolan for the San Francisco 49ers head coaching position in 2005.
You all know that I'm a huge fan of what Football Outsiders does. Find more info on Jim over at their official site here. For instance:
During his tenure as defensive coordinator, two statistics have been at the heart of the team's success - third-down defense and rushing defense. Over the last six seasons, the Titans rank fifth in the league in third-down defense (35.2% conversion rate) and eighth in the league in rushing defense (107 yards per game).
Last year the Titans were 5th in yards and 8th in points defensively. The year prior they were 32nd and 31st... Much the same at FO, 1st this year, 24th in '06.

This reason this news troubles me is that I really wouldn't mind an inside hire. While Jim is in the same coaching tree as Gregg Williams, I'd just as soon take the proven guy we know can work with our players than the hot d-coordinator who has struggled as recently as '06 (admittedly, just as Gregg Williams struggled and I am and was unfamiliar with the Titans personnel at the time) and who would at least need to familiarize himself with this team. The players like Gregg Williams. And although Gregg Williams struggled in his first head coaching stint, at least he has experience with that much responsibility.

It is way too early to start categorically denying any head coaching candidate, especially since there isn't any official word that Jim has been interviewed or even contacted by the team. But we have ample time to speculate and reader(s) are encouraged to investigate all alleged head coaching candidates and find out what works and what doesn't. My initial reaction to Jim is meh, since I was growing more comfortable with Head Coach Gregg Williams every day.

What about this guy? Who didn't love Slingblade?