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Redskins win again! (*sigh*)

(Durant Brooks)
So the Skins pulled out another win. It was good to see Campbell seeing the field better. Also, I noticed that when it is and 3rd and whatever, I have a comfortable feeling we'll pick up the first. A feeling I haven't had since probably Mark Rypien.

Not sure if you saw but Durant Brooks got verbally raped on the sidelines after that missed field goal (and perfect snap/hold). The problem was Brooks was calling for the ball while the ref was over the ball still, which can ice the kicker on its' own. Either way, our team does not at all look like a playoff team. Bad penalties and missed cues. That kind of sloppiness has to get taken care of. It's not realistic to fix in 4 weeks when dealing with an entire new playbook and coaching staff, we just need to do the best we can. Having said that, and Jason Campbell has no pickles, I like our chances of putting up a respectable match in Dallas On Sunday. However, winning in Big D will require a major Romo meltdown. Jason hearing this? He may not need to, check out what JT said regarding the Dallas game yesterday (courtesy of Steinberg):

Jason Taylor, on Dallas week: I've heard enough about it. And I'm not a big Cowboys fan anyway, so this is right up my alley. Just never been. I grew up a Pittsburgh Steeler fan, and we don't like the Cowboys, period. And there are other reasons I don't need to talk about. I'm a Redskin now, so I definitely don't like them even more.

UPDATE: So Jason Taylor is out. Wonderful. He can dance with a sprained toe in the 'Dancing with the Stars' finale, but he can't play in the biggest game of our season with a calf injury.