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2-1 Is In the Cards

There are many rites of fall. The leaves change colors, the air turns brisk, and Redskins fans get bent over by Daniel Snyder. The only people left defending that a-hole from verbal attacks from fans around the league are the ones who actually enjoy the regular ass-invasions by that tiny little man and the maniacal laugh that accompanies said butt-rapings. This year, he decided to stick it to the tailgaters who get there the earliest. So when the parking lot opened at 9 AM this past Sunday, and the steady stream of early arrivers filled into the spots they have been used to tailgating in for years, a generally nice, if not overly smarmy and weasel-like lackey of Dan Snyder rode around in a golf cart and began requesting that folks refrain from the age-old practice of utilizing open space in the parking lot for tailgating. This was equal parts asinine and pointless.

Seconds after he targeted the people who got there at 9 AM exactly, a whole new wave arrived at 9:10, and then every minute thereafter, all of whom engaged in exactly the activity we were busted for doing ourselves. The real kicker is that the open space this guy was protecting remained open not just until noon, not just until kickoff, but WAS NEVER OCCUPIED BY ANY CAR FOR THE ENTIRE DAY. So infuriating.

OK, onto things that Snyder could not ruin...the game itself. Our offense found a rhythm, our defense made some enormous plays, and we overcame a late deficit to win against a team I thought was pretty damn good coming into the season. Maybe the Saints aren't as good as we thought, maybe the Saints not having Marques Colston was a bigger deal than we thought, but winning an NFC game at home following a tough opening loss is a pretty big deal for these Redskins.
Clinton Portis ran tough for the second straight game.
We got pressure on the other team's quarterback.
Our defense capitalized on turnover opportunities.
Jason Campbell looked like he did the first two weeks of the preseason.

We only punted twice, and no it wasn't pretty either time (Derrick Frost cost his team a safety this past weekend when he missed the snap in his own end zone, so the Brooks/Frost debate is not resolved simply because Brooks had 2 bad punts....and one awful hold).

We get the Cards this week and while they are 2-0, they have yet to play anyone better than the Dolphins and 49ers. Kurt Warner has the ability to tear us apart, and I have stood witness to some pretty stupid games between the Redskins and Cardinals. I think our defense is good enough to keep their running game from getting started, and hopefully by making them one-dimensional, they will have to rely on Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan...Boldin...crap...they already are one-dimensional and they are pretty freaking good at it.

Here's hoping the momentum we created on the 4th down pass to Santana Moss at the end of the Saints game continues into this week.
Keys to this week's win:
1)Steady stream of 1st downs.
2)Portis all day.
3)Cooley and Davis in the red zone.
4)Landry will need to have his best effort of the season so far. A big play by him seals the victory.