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Four Score and a Thousand Years ago...Abe Was in High School

I was given a lead by a faithful reader: "Abe Pollin's best and worst trait: Loyalty". He let Wes Unseld sit in the GM chair way too long. He held onto Susan O'Malley in the front office WAY too long. He refused to recognize the statehood of Wyoming in 1890, claiming, "Anything over 43 states is too many," adding, "Dividing the Dakota Territory in '89 was a huge mistake...splitting it in two was like splitting my heart in two."

Abe may be loyal to a fault and it could be at play in the dealings with Gilbert. We at the Inquirer still think the Wiz need Gilbert back--but not at $125 million. God, would he be a dick if he took all that money. We would NEVER be a contender while he was here if he was eating up that kind of cap space. Until proven otherwise, we will have to hope and pray that Gilbert intends to carve out some space for the franchise to make this team into a genuine contender in the next 2-3 years. Add to that the increasing age of ol' Abe--seriously, he has to just say "F' it, let's blow through the luxury tax threshold" one of these years right? I mean, what is he saving his money for at this point?

Flavor of the day: Josh Smith. He will cost us. We would have to work the sign and trade with Atlanta most likely. Josh Smith is 6'9", 22 yrs old, and he is the youngest player to 500 blocks. If we had him, Caron could move to the 2, and Smith and Twan could work the 3 and 4. Deshawn and Blatche would work off the bench. Check out these plays by Josh.

If we didn't make any move other than signing Gilbert, here is the starting 5 we should go with:

1 Gil
2 Caron
3 Twan
4 Blatche
5 Brenda

Deshawn and Nick Young first off the bench, with Etan backing up the big man, and Dom Corleone polishing the glass for 3 and 4 minute stretches. However, we all know Eddie hates playing 2 bigs so DeShawn would start for Blatche.

Any chance Gilbert is doing some recruiting? Maybe offering to share his pie with a baller out there looking to come to DC and put something together? Probably not if he's knee-deep in rice patties in the Phillipines.