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Bloody Marys...Rankings

So the Washingtonian came out with a list of the best bloody mary bars in DC. I love when prominent magazines hire schmucks to do what could be amazing articles. I have found that bloody mary quality is actually an objective thing. You taste a good one, every one agrees. The only curve ball are the people that somehow prefer Clamato juice...I like to call them novices.

Now, my problem with the Washingtonian is that they ranked Clyde's rather 'so-so'. I am fine with that for their average bloody, but how did this guy not hear/try/see the Bloody Maryland?! It's loaded with extra goodies including Old Bay around the rim and a jumbo shrimp on the side. A picture of the Bloody Maryland was actually my cell phone wallpaper...before I smashed it against an alley wall in San Diego (different story). How many bloodies have you had where your brain sent a message "Take a picture of this!". I'm guessing ZERO.

I digress. This Washingtonian piece reminds me of that one prominent newspaper that had their writer (71 year old Jewish man who wrote about politics) travel the country ranking America's best ballparks. He constantly degraded the stadiums that were too rowdy. Pathetic. Anyway, the point of this story is get your ass to Clyde's and have a Bloody Maryland.

Note: The bloody pictured has bacon it which I regrettably have not tried but am curious to.