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Make Eastern Motors your Ringtone

The EM ringtone is quite the hit and most people are rather confused because one naturally looks to the TV when they hear the song, yet its the cellphone blasting away. Anyway, it's rather easy to put any mp3 onto your phone.

1.) Download the Eastern Motors mp3 (which I already cut so its starts and ends at the perfect time).
2.) Download and install Bitpim
3.) Bitpim is pretty easy to follow. You'll need a USB chord that connects your phone to your PC. From there, setup is pretty easy. Simply pick your phone type and Bitpim will do the rest.

You can upload any mp3 and cut any part of the song to be the ringtone. Like when Revered McDietz calls, the Beastie Boys skit kicks off, "If its gonna be that kinda party, i'm gonna stick my dick in the mashed potatoes." Enjoy.