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DC Sports Owners' Homes...

So here's the homes of all the major owners of DC sports. Not surpringly at all, Dan Snyder's is the most obnoxiously over the top...and why wouldn't it be, he steam-rolled the state laws to build what he wanted.

Dan Snyder - Redskins - River Rd, Potomac

Ted Leonsis - Capitals - Great Falls, VA

Abe Pollin - Wizards - Kenwood, MD

Ted Lerner - Friendship Heights, DC
We don't have a pic but it's in Northern Friendship Heights and is a chateau-style house much larger than the other houses on the block.

And why not...since we know it...
Frederick Smoot - Redskins - Great Falls, VA

Sorry fellas, I haven't tracked down the DC Divas owners' homes yet. I think the owners are actually still renting a 1BR apartment so that makes it tough.

Which house would you want to live in most?
Dan Snyder's
Ted Leonsis's
Abe Pollin's
Fred Smoot's free polls