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Zimmerman's Party @ K Street Lounge

So Ryan Zim's party was at K street lounge last night. I got in because my friend's friends were the terrible cover band that played 2 hours before anyone notable showed up. Anyway, there were hotties EVERYWHERE. I've seem Zim out many times before so that was no big deal when he took his VIP couch.

What was shocking was seeing Da Meat Hook walking OUTSIDE the rope and he was getting no love from anyone. Just like me all night sipping my vodka tonic and staring at hot girls everywhere for hours, Dmitri Young was in the same boat as me. I was like "How is he not talking to anyone?". So I gave my friend my camera and walked up to him. I was like, 'yo, can i get a quick pick?" He was like "Sure. But I can't do it with a drink." No one would hold his drink. It was the weirdest scene ever. All these people in VIP next to us..and he was like "Hey, hold my drink"..and there were all these pauses from the people. WTF? Dmitri to me is up there in DC celebrities just behind Gil and Caron. Anyway, I got the snap. And I was like "So when are you coming back?" He was like "I have no idea." Nice. Then I made out with some really cute girl outta my league for 15 minutes and her friends realized that and my night was over. Until next time. Peace.