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Taunting Lebron - Games 3 & 4

Alright Wizards fans, just like D.C. created the Jessica Simpson mask to heckle Tony Romo, the Ahern Inquirer has made one for Lebron. It is a lesser known fact, that Lebron James' Mom, Gloria, was popped for a DUI in 2006, resisted arrest, and kicked out the back window of the squad car. FEISTY.

Anyway, we tracked down her mugshot and thought it would be quite humorous for everyone in the lower bowl at the Verizon center to hold these up. It can't be easy sinking a free throw with 2,000 people holding up a picture of your Mom's mug shot. So please download this, print a bunch out, and bring them to the game on Thursday. Also, please pass this link to anyone and everyone.

Download >>>>>>

Note: If you don't have a color printer, no worries. It's still just as good in black and white...after all, it is a white out Thursday night at Verizon.