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A Day Which Will Live In Infamy

On Sunday, December 7th, in M&T Bank Stadium, the Skins will play the Ravens. This game belongs on our schedule every year. It is total crap that the NFL doesn't remedy this by scheduling a regional rivalry game every year. Right now, your 16 game schedule is determined by:

6 division games
4 non-conference games against an AFC division that rotates every year
4 games against an entire NFC division that rotates every year
2 games against the teams in the other two NFC divisions that finished in our same place

Why not replace one of those two NFC matchups with a regional rivalry game? The schedule would be slightly imbalanced but the longterm benefits to the league would outweigh that I think. We can figure out what all the pairings would be later.

As for the Ravens game this year, I can't wait. Of course nothing is as it seems now for any team in April, but the Ravens should get creamed, right? We'll see I guess. Either way, get ready to see more purple camouflauge pants then you've ever imagined. Lord, their fans are terrible.