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Clemens Injects 15 year old Country Star with HGH

The allegations continue to mount against Roger Clemens, this time with the attention focused on the red rocket. In the latest batch of accusations, Clemens stands accused of injecting Mindy McReady -- then only 15 years old -- with HGH in the hopes of making her legal faster. According to a recently released affidavit, when Mindy told the Rocket she was only 15, he reached into his shower bag, pulled out a syringe, and said, "Not for long." Clemens, already a 28 year old iconic ace at the time, told her that in 24 hours, she would have the breasts of a 27-yr old female. In 48 hours she could be dead, but he told her he planned on having sex with her before that so she shouldn't worry.

Roger could not be reached for comment but the Inquirer has learned through its well-placed sources that this incident sparked an ongoing intimate relationship between the two, with Roger providing regular injections to the country star, both of the performance-enhancing variety as well as the hot beef variety. We will continue to monitor this story and provide you with every detail we come across.

This story seems to substantiate the rumors that when Clemens was in Toronto, he injected his housekeeper with HGH so instead of giving her a raise to clean the larger house he was moving into, she could just do the bigger job faster.