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And the New Coach for the Skins is...Dan Snyder! (I told you so)

OK, so Jim Zorn Dan Snyder is our new head coach. The Ahern Inquirer called it! I think everyone at this point is confused because we don't really know anything about Zorn besides his Seattle career. In short, he has ZERO experience as an offensive coordinator and ZERO experience as a head coach. That is quite a jump to go from a QB coach to head coach (and your team is not Arizona, St. Louis, or Maplewood). But it all makes sense if we take a look at Dan Snyder. He has always been someone who wants control. That was always the case pre-Gibbs era. And when he was able to bring in Gibbs, well, even Vince Lombardi would have given over full control to Gibbs in Snyder made the right (and only) move he could have then. Gibbs was probably wise enough to say keep out or I walk. Now that the Gibbs era is over, it's clear Dan $nyder wants a coach where he can have a large say. However, ANY veteran coach always has their own way of doing things. So clearly, Gregg Willians would not fit. Jim Fassel would not fit. So what's the next logic step? ... bring in someone that doesn't have a hard-lined stance on procedures and work with him through the process. It all stinks...although Brian Billick or Fassel would have been a disaster, I don't think we're any better off now. New coaches seem to have less control over the players which means the Freddy Smoot sex boat is making a stop at the Georgetown Waterfront in a few months. As I see it, after all these years of the Skins playing under old-fashioned hard-lined coaches, and now they have all-new young ones, it's no different than when as kids we got the substitute teacher and started throwing food all over the room. Sure, Blache was here under Gregg, but that doesn't mean a thing when it comes to disciplining. There's always the WNBA. Snyder doesn't own that (yet). Go Mystics!!!

What do you think and why?
1.) Over/Under - Skins wins this year: 6.5 games
2.) Over/Under - Zorn as head coach: 2.5 years (he has a 5 year contract)
3.) Over/Under - Redskins players brush-ins with the law: 1.5
4.) Over/Under - # of High priced free agents brought in by Snyder/Zorn: 1
5.) Do you think it's true that in Zorn contract he has to pick up Dan $nyder's dry-cleaning twice a week?