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Redskins go 1-0! Washington 16, Miami 13 in OT


Skins pull out a sloppy game in overtime. Discuss.

My quick take:


  • Portis (5.8 yds/carry) and the running game in general
  • Randle El
  • Suisham under pressure
  • Campbell long passes
  • Campbell bad decisions
  • Smoot dropping easy picks
  • Saunders not trusting the running game more
  • Jansen's ankle
And my favorite thing of the day is the Eagles getting punk'd by Green Bay. Here's a fun quote from Bleeding Green Nation:
I now have to call cingular tomorrow morning and get a new cell phone... and i gotta figure out how to fix the hole in my drywall... i really wish i was kidding about this one

Hee hee hee.