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Open Thread all weekend: Football is for serious

I'm on my way out of town very soon so don't have much time to provide all the gory details for this weekend's games, so I'll let others do it for me. The game will be broadcast on CBS at 1:00PM Eastern. You can view the broadcast map here to see if your slice of paradise gets the game without you having to sell organs. As of this moment it looks like the DC area, Miami area, some parts of Alabama probably thanks to Jason Campbell, and some parts of Texas thanks to envious Cowboys fans. Channels.

My prediction: Redskins win in a low scoring game, 17-10.

Big news for me this week. Chris Mottram at Mister Irrelevant for reasons unknown included me in a Redskins roundtable which is up for your consumption at Mr. Irrelevant. You'll have to go there for my answers to his insightful questions. Speaking of this space though:

Skin Patrol From Hogs Haven. The absolute gold standard in Redskins blogging.
I don't know what blog he's reading, but Chris, your check is in the mail.

As of this moment we're the favorite on alternating lines of -3 and -2.5. Since conventional wisdom says home field advantage is ~3 points, that means we're either of equal consideration or the weaker team, at least in the eyes of Vegas. But what do they know. I proved prescient last night picking the Saints and 6 points against the Colts. Final score: 41-10 Indy. I believe in nothing evermore.

Portis will play and will dominate. Two touchdowns, stated here first. He also gets quote of the week:

Clinton Portis is fine. Really, he is. He must have said it at least a dozen different ways Thursday. Even though he has barely practiced all year. Even though there's a 1,000-yard back on his heels.

Even though he knows, as far as his tenure with the Washington Redskins is concerned, it's put-up-or-shut-up time.

"It's supply and demand," Portis said. "The demand for me is high right now, and I haven't supplied a lot. Hopefully I can start supplying and people will calm down."

I'm no big city economics professor, but that sounds scientific enough.

Guys, I'll be out all weekend attending a wedding and generally enjoying myself. Will be at a bar watching the game on Sunday away from teh internets. Feel free to explore my blogroll as someone, somewhere will have insightful Redskins analysis available. Hopefully the site will get tended to in my absence, though I make no promises.

This is your Open Gameday thread for the weekends NFL action.