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Miraculously, Clinton Portis is ok

I think we all could've seen this coming but Clinton Portis is OK!:

Clinton Portis says he feels no discomfort in his knee and that he will play in this Sunday's season opener against the Miami Dolphins.

"Sunday, September the 9th...FedExField...Washington Redskins-Miami Dolphins...Clinton Portis will be there," Portis told reporters after Thursday's practice at Redskins Park.

Portis has been slowed by knee tendonitis most of preseason. He sat out the club's four preseason games, so Sunday's game will be his first game action of the year. He is expected to start.

Skin Patrol likes that Clinton Portis is ready to go. Skin Patrol thinks Clinton Portis will not only start this Sunday, but he will score 2 rushing touchdowns. Skin Patrol also recognizes the good news, per Portis, that practice isn't really important:
"It's the first game of the season for everyone in the NFL," he said. "Until we've played 3-4 games, there's not going to be a player in the league who is in football conditioning.

"I've been getting a lot of running in. After that, it's just a matter of recovery time."

Oh I don't care anymore; I love Clinton Portis. Whatever this man does is fine by me so long as he's scoring touchdowns and not doing anything felonious. And he needs to do damage on the field because it was alleged by people in the know that this Miami Dolphins defense will finish in the top 3 overall next year. I call that a tall order, Matty calls that "pretty likely".

By the way, at the bottom of the above linked story, you'll find (or I did, anyhow) a new chat function that allows you to discuss the story right on the official site. The internet's powers are without boundary. Read the FAQ to see if you get to play, though for some reason my name was chosen semi-arbitrarily on my behalf. I think I'm, like, Willab7104 or something. Pretty neat.

Gameday open thread will be up tomorrow because I will be out of town attending a wedding all weekend and may find difficulty reaching internet access. Who gets married on the first weekend of professional football? Know that I'll be there in spirit watching Your Washington Redskins beat someone else's Miami Dolphins from a sports bar early Sunday morning.