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Jerseys are not cheap

I just realized that there isn't a Hogs Haven pick'em league for reader(s) [or if there is I just forgot that I created it; happens]. So now we're just mere hours away from a pick'em deadline what with the Saints and Colts playing this evening, yet I have no recourse for those who want to participate in one of those pick'em leagues I keep talking about.

Good timing to Lee Gibbons at The Redskin Report. He just recently started the 2nd Annual Redskin Report Pick'em Contest:

The easiest way to win a Redskins jersey in existence - The Redskin Report Pick-em Contest. Its a simple FREE pick-em pool run through ESPN and the winner will receive a replica Redskins jersey of their choosing. Last years winner, Jeff, chose a sleek white Art Monk jersey (photo and post here). Last year we probably had 30 entries to start and it widdled down to maybe 15 of us once the Redskins went in the tank, so in all likelyhood this is the best odds you'll get all year. Thanks to Bill for setting this up.
Details follow, with this warning:
NOTE: If you live in Uguanda or something I reserve the right to send you a gift certificate for the jersey instead of incurring $9000 in shipping charges.
Despite Lee's cruelty towards all those Ugandan Redskins fans, I think you'd be stupid not to participate and firmly endorse this pick'em contest to my reader(s). It's free, you get a free jersey (of your own selection) and should one of you win I would be more than happy to give you a front page post in your honor here at HH on your victory.