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Blogger Deathsport Week 1 Picks

Update [2007-9-6 18:59:46 by Skin Patrol]: Curly R's picks are up
Update [2007-9-6 17:42:15 by Skin Patrol]: It is on like Donkey Kong at Post Game Heroes. They disagreed with me on like the first 10 picks. We agree on Arizona, Washington, STL, SEA, PIT, and PHI, I think. Everything else is contentious.
Update [2007-9-6 0:48:37 by Skin Patrol]: The Phinsider has my answers to his questions over at that site. Check it out check it out check it out.
I'm in a lot of pick'em leagues so I suspect some of my choices will disagree with others, which is of no consequence. I'm not going to document my stupidity SB Nation picks but will let the results speak for themselves, which I'll make available or at least link to at some point in the future. But one pick'em contest I will regularly update you on is my ongoing battle against Curly R and Post Game Heroes which will colloquially be called the Blogger Deathsport.

The reason being, we've decided to pick on spreads in this Blogger Deathsport. I mention that because it is important to reader(s). I've documented repeatedly in the past that I'm not only a compulsive gambler but a degenerate one (sometimes people confusingly call mere compulsive gamblers degenerates, which isn't fair, since a compulsive gambler who wins a lot should be labeled a professional), a combination that has not improved my life. In a regular pick'em league I'm just mediocre in that I'm neither the best nor the worst nor interesting at making picks. As a gambler trying to second guess the Vegas lines, I'm a fucking anti-hero. If I bet on a game the likelihood of an opposite result goes up drastically. Thus, for all my gambling reader(s), paying close attention to my picks is a worthwhile financial venture; not to mimic my picks but to go against them. By the way, the New York Jets will beat the New England Patriots. I'll make a ridiculous statement every single week for the next 17 of them and I'll have to strike gold eventually. Then I will refer singularly to that upset pick when declaring my credentials. Awesome.

Here are my picks:

Thursday game
NO @ IND (-6) (O/U 52.5)
Pick: NO

Sunday games
NYG @ DAL (-5.5) (O/U 44)
Pick: DAL

DEN (-3) @ BUF (O/U 36.5)
Pick: DEN

KC @ HOU (-3) (O/U 37.5)
Pick: KC

TEN @ JAX (-6.5) (O/U 38)
Pick: JAX

ATL @ MIN (-3) (O/U 35.5)
Pick: MIN

NE (-6.5) @ NYJ (O/U 41)
Pick: NYJ

DET @ OAK (-1.5) (O/U 39.5)
Pick: OAK

PHI (-3) @ GB (O/U 43)
Pick: PHI

PIT (-4.5) @ CLE (O/U 36.5)
Pick: PIT

CHI @ SD (-5.5) (O/U 43)
Pick: CHI

TB @ SEA (-6) (O/U 41)
Pick: SEA

CAR @ STL (-1) (O/U 42.5)
Pick: STL

MIA @ WAS (-3) (O/U 34.5)

Monday games
BAL @ CIN (-2.5) (O/U 42.5)
Pick: BAL

ARZ @ SF (-3) (O/U 45)
Pick: ARZ

I will only justify those picks if you challenge them in the comments section.