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Careful word choice is important when discussing groins

Deuce of Davenport gets hat tipped for posting an image of the greatest groin joke ever told through the television box. Hans Moleman takes one to the jewels in one of my favorite Simpsons episodes (that also features The Critic) and I'm still laughing about it.  That was over 12 years ago.

Anyways, Vinny Iyer on groins in an article titled: What's with this rash of groin injuries? I'd respond, What's with using rash and groin in the same sentence? Anyways:

The groin is king of sports...
Wait, that's not it.
If you google "groin"...
Research! (Still not it.)
Of course, I didn't expect baseball to produce the most groin injuries. The NFL has been pretty prolific in producing them as of late:

Rams running back Steven Jackson will miss at least this week's game at Dallas with a partial groin tear (40 percent). Bears cornerback Nathan Vasher has a similar injury but will be out at least a month. I can't even imagine how much a "complete" groin tear would hurt.

Ravens quarterback Steve McNair has a nagging groin injury. So does Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson. And Buccaneers cornerback Brian Kelly. Eagles tight end L.J. Smith is having surgery on his. Broncos safety John Lynch might need to miss the Colts game because of his. At least Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss gets a bye week to deal with his.

I don't know why God suddenly decided to hate on the groin, but I don't like it one bit. Remember, it was a groin related injury that had Shawn Springs sidelined much of last year as well, which played a significant role in our horrid defensive showing throughout 2006.  Vernon Fox also has a groin (injury) per the Official Site, though Moss is nowhere to be seen.