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Womenkind speaks: Chad Johnson is NO Marcus Washington

I absolutely applaud this woman's committment to Your Washington Redskins. In the You Tube video below she explains the few existing hypotheticals whereas she would give up her dream of one day marrying Marcus Washington (we share this dream). Chad Johnson gets mentioned as a possible alternative, although she admits only to sharing him with MW, as the two would co-exist as her husbands on some kind of time share... or something. It isn't clear. She also has the hots for Sean Taylor, Carlos Rogers, or Brett Favre. The money line:

"I mean [Chad Johnson] is no Marcus Washington." Ain't that the fucking truth. Hail to you, Bonita Glover. Even I don't love the Redskins that much.

Update [2007-9-29 12:40:53 by Skin Patrol]: Awesome! There's more! This woman is a genius: