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Keenan McCardell visits

Here we go again. Per Redskins 360:

The local all-sports radio station is reporting that veteran receiver Keenan McCardell is close to joining the Redskins. I'm guessing that he'll be at Redskin Park on Monday for a quick workout and if the Redskins are serious, he'll be signed in time for that afternoonâ€<sup>TM</sup&gts practice. The team remains off for another four days.
I'm way behind this story though join with Lee Gibbons that said event could have implications for Brandon Lloyd. Specifically: analyst Adam Schefter was a guest on WTEM today and said that it is likely that he won't sign until Monday when the team returns to practice after the bye week. He also said that it is unlikely that the Redskins will carry 6 receivers. Currently the Redskins have Santana Moss, Antwaan Randle-El, James Thrash, Reche Caldwell and Brandon Lloyd on the roster. You'd have to imagine that if this report is true that either Caldwell or Lloyd are about to be released or Santana Moss' injury is more serious than we know.
I don't know that I'm necessarily happier or that the team is better off with a 37 year old receiver they probably won't use than a Brandon Lloyd they won't use, but perhaps he's that posession receiver we've lacked. At 37.

Allegedly he can't be any worse:

So, yeah, anybody seen Brandon Lloyd this season? You know, the big-play wide receiver the Redskins traded for during the spring of 2006, promptly re-signed to a long-term deal (including $10 million in guaranteed loot), and watched finish the season as one of the worst wideouts in football.
Which links to Football Outsiders WR rankings, where he literally was one of the worst; ahead of just Chris Chambers among receivers most of us are familiar with. There was exactly one other receiver among the 82 players thrown at 50+ times who caught a lower percentage of their passes. Lloyd caught 41%.

It is too bad. Reminding reader(s) that Brandon signed a 7 year, 29M dollar contract, some chunk of which will have to be paid out in dead cap space should we let him go.

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