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BYE week picks

With no Redskins to support my picks are now 100% undetermined. Perhaps that will be a good thing, since going Skin Patrol failed, going Castanza failed, and now I'm left wondering whether a coin-flip would fail less dramatically than yours truly. I'm currently LAST in Blogger Deathsport.

This week, Ben provides the lines and analysis, I'm just picking and leaving it at that. No point eating more of my foot than necessary.

BAL (-4) @ CLE
Pick: Browns

TB @ CAR (-3)
Pick: Bucs

CHI (-3) @ DET
Pick: Lions

STL @ DAL (-13)
Pick: Rams

GB (-1.5) @ MIN
Pick: Packers

HOU (-3) @ ATL
Pick: Texans

DEN @ IND (-9.5)
Pick: Colts

OAK @ MIA (-4)
Pick: Raiders

NYJ (-3.5) @ BUF
Pick: Bills

PHI (-3) @ NYG
Pick: Giants

PIT (-6) @ ARZ
Pick: Steelers

KC @ SD (-11.5)
Pick: Chargers

SEA (-2) @ SF
Pick: 49ers

NE (-7) @ CIN
Pick: Patriots