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That's a rap.

Earlier in the week I was happy to introduce the Dead Tree Crew who define what it means to be a super fan of Your Washington Redskins. They risk life and limb defending our good name against the likes of battery tossing Eagles fans, and they drink, and convince women to wear burgundy, and that's all that needs to be said.

Or is it?

DTC leader-ship The Mayor (of FedEx Field), seen below, did this space an enormous honor by giving us our own rap, also below, of which I'm more proud than anything that has ever been posted on this premises. Ever.

Fighting the good fight.

Click read more for the official DTC Hogs Haven rap.

Originally performed here:

Exclusive freestyle for Hog Haven

And I this time, im pulling a Carrot Top, and using some visual props.


Eagle fans shut the fuck up, you dont know bout us.

Keep talking shit, im a fuck up this bus --->

Thats not a threat, its a promise and yes im the Mayor

Remember me?  I fucked your sister then stole her DVD player.

DTC in the lot, man we a monster.

Love all the attention, now who wants to be our sponser?

Hogs Haven the Jason Cambell of blogs, the others are the Ryan Leaf

Whats Beef?  When a bricks breaks your teeth.

Mayor of Fed Ex Field, and im far from done.

You know me, Philadelhia Public Enemy #1.