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Power Rankings

Coming out of Week 3, we can start to see what teams are actually good and what teams are actually bad.  The AFC is clearly the better conference, top to bottom, and only getting better.

There is a clear top tier of about 4 teams, a clear bottom tier of about 5 teams, and everyone else.

Without further ado, the official Hogs Haven Power Rankings heading into Week 4.

  1. NE - clearly the best team.  Dick Jauron, who went to Yale (means he's kinda, sorta smart), says they have no weaknesses.  Harrison comes back after this week.  I tend to agree.
  2. IND - Defending champs have been winning and winning close.  Addai has avoided the soph. slump... Oh, and they have this guy named Peyton.
  3. PIT - Tough defense and a relentless running game spells success.  Tomlin's best move was keeping LeBeau around.
  4. DAL - Clearly the class of the NFC... and Coach Fix-It hasn't even... um, fixed... the defense.
  5. GB - Clearly not as good as the other undefeated teams.  So far.  They are 3-0 and Farve is managing the game.  Weird to see defense carrying the team in Wisconsin.
Here's where it gets muddy (tell me why I'm wrong in the comments section):
  1. BAL
  2. HOU
  3. TEN
  4. JAX
  5. DEN
  6. your Washington Redskins
I have no idea about the rest of the 2-1 NFC.
  1. CHI (Not 2-1 but I like them better than any of these other teams.)
  2. CIN (Read above.)
  3. SEA
  4. SF
  5. CAR
  6. TB
  7. DET
And the rest:
  1. SD (They should be so much better...)
  2. PHI (Read above.)
  3. NYG (Same.)
  4. CLE (I have no idea which team is the real CLE or which QB is the real Anderson.  Quinn can't be too far away.)
  5. ARI
  6. KC
  7. OAK (I have a feeling about them...)
  8. NYJ
  9. MIN (Peterson can't go at it alone.)
And the battle of the 0-fers:
  1. NO (Brees is f-ing killing me!)
  2. STL (What happened?)
  3. MIA
  4. BUF (This seems harsh since they lost to the #1, #3 and #10 teams on this list... but JP is out, Poz is out, the secondary is already banged up and Lynch is a good #2 RB at best, A poor man's Reggie at worst.  It still seems unfair.)
  5. ATL (It's that bad.)
As always, tell me what I did wrong.

"I'm stupid. You're smart. I was wrong. You were right. You're the best. I'm the worst. You're very good-looking. I'm not very attractive."