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WTF edition: Derrick Frost is a punter, good

I almost couldn't believe my brains reading this Casey Husband profile on punter Derrick Frost which proclaims, among other things, that he's near the top of the league in some kind of punting statistic. Sure enough, after checking for myself, wouldn't you know it that Derrick Frost is 3rd in the NFL in total punts, 3rd in total punt yards, 2nd in net yards, 9th in average, 6th in net average, and 8th in inside the 20. Then come the endearing anecdotes:

One particular effort from Frost in Nashville stands out. In the second quarter, Frost punted from inside his team's own 30-yard line to Titans return man Cortland Finnegan.

With that, Frost charged down the field and put a hard hit on Finnegan, who fumbled the ball out of bounds at the Tennessee 19. It was, you might say, Finnegan's wake-up call.

Punters don't often get involved in such sequences. Weeks later, in fact, Frost still was talking about that preseason stop, saying in jest: "Make sure you get it correct. I didn't just get involved in the tackle. I made the tackle."