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Clinton Portis spits truth

Update [2007-9-27 11:4:51 by Skin Patrol]: Ryan Wilson was in front of me on this story and, always, makes a whole lot more sense analyzing it than yours truly.
This is all Dan Steinberg tracking down the audio although it can also be found, somewhere, at Extreme Skins. Word is that former Redskins running back Brian Mitchell, co-host of Redskins Post Game Live and former host of The Brian Mitchell Show, who also happens to speak strongly and negatively about the Redskins frequently (perhaps warranted, perhaps not), recently interviewed Clinton Portis. And would you believe it, CP felt the need to get super honest (and speak in the third person):
Brian Mitchell: Now Clinton, I understand what you just said, but do you understand why people are asking the question, why weren't you in there, because they see you as the main guy, the guy that they know can get things done...

Portis (to BM): I would have loved to be in, but you can't satisfy everybody. I mean, you're one of Portis's biggest critics.

And then it begins, emphasis added:
CP (begin rant): Week in and week out, it's some problem that you have with a decision that you think I made. I go out on the field and I give it everything I've got, bro. That's what I try to do. I'ma try to help the Washington Redskins as much as I can, as long as I can, and do whatever I can. When my number is not called, I'm not one to pout. Everybody want me to be a pouter. Everybody want me to be, 'Oh give me the ball.' They know I want the ball. Who don't know Clinton Portis want the ball? What you think, I shy away? (Shouting) Why do you think I block? Why do you think I run downfield? Because I want to be a part of any play that's called. If I didn't want the ball, I wouldn't be on the field. I wouldn't, I wouldn't go block when I don't get the ball, I'd look around and pout. When they call my number, I respond. If they don't call my number, there's nothing I can do but try to help my teammates and support my teammates, and that's what I do.
Later, and Dan correctly points out that this is about as accurate and stinging a criticism of the media? people like me, who comment obsessively about every piece of Redskins minutiae and frequently speculate about who should or shouldn't start based on very limited information or sample size, in most cases completely unjustifiably:
"When we win people give me credit for stuff that I didn't do, when we lose I'm gonna get blamed for stuff that I didn't do. So it don't matter....Now if Ladell would have scored, then the headlines would have been 'Ok Ladell finished off the game, great job, he should start next week.' Being that he didn't, now all of the sudden everybody for me. Just three weeks, ago, Ladell Betts should have been the starter for the Washington Redskins...

"It's not about who gets the press, who gets the headlines. I don't read the papers, I don't listen to sports talk, I don't listen to radio shows, I don't care what people say. All I do is go to work, I kick it with my teammates, I have fun with my teammates, I laugh and joke with them, and what they think is what matters to me. Nobody else. I don't care what they think."

I don't think I've ever said that Betts should be the starter, but I'm not certain that it isn't the kind of insane thing I'd say in the past or future. I'm as knee-jerk as the next guy, and Clinton's comments hit home. I love his attitude and passion for the game, but hate the fact that I'm so damn predictable. Even while I'm sitting there reading his comments, nodding viciously, thinking "Wow, I could learn a lot by just mediating my tone" I find myself instantly reacting to the next bit about Brandon Lloyd, this time per Dan Steinberg:
And just to really win my admiration (and no, I'm not joking), Portis launched an extended defense of Brandon Lloyd. I mean, say what you want about him, but it's hard to catch a ball that hasn't been thrown.
Just to sell myself short, I'll make the case that Lloyd has historically caught a lot fewer of the passes thrown at him than virtually any other starting receiver in the National Football League, so I'm not sold by the line of thinking above. Then again, don't we all know that if Lloyd comes out with a huge game, multiple touchdowns, great catches, et cetera, that I'll be the first person running to my keyboard to claim how awesome he really is, how lucky we are to have him, and how I've sold him short week in and week out?

Yea, that'd be me, and it is shameful. Bottom line: Clinton Portis is spot on in his criticism here. And below is the real reason he's one of the best in the business at what he does: