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A Public Health Announcement

If you don't get help with us get help somewhere

Are you down? Is your gameday preparation unfulfilling? Do you yearn for the traditions of a real football team, one with more history than your 95 Corolla?

Then you might be a Ravens fan. And you're not alone.

It's called desperate fan syndrome or DFS and it affects nearly every Ravens fan. Warning signs include living in the hole between Washington and Philadelphia and symptoms include flaccid routines, weak stream of cheering and incomplete emptying of lungs on third down.

Now there's help. It's called a real football team and two out of three Ravens fans that tried it stayed with it for more than a season. Side effects are mild and include respect for history, gameday fulfillment and a sense of community. Very rarely a serious side effect known as starting a blog can occur, if this occurs seek help immediately.

Ask Mel Kiper if a real football team is right for you.

Ravens fan from here.

Disclaimer:  as winner of Blogger Deathsport Week Three Curly R is entitled to a front page post on Hogs Haven and this post in no way reflects Skin Patrol's views or opinions on how truly lame Ravens fans and their sad little 'traditions' are.